House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Tired of cleaning?
Dont Worry we can help!

Our experts at Ms Janitorial and House Cleaning provide detailed residential cleaning services for our valued customers, designed to keep your property looking its best all year round.

All of our cleans include the following:

Kitchen Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
Living Room Cleaning
Bedroom Cleaning
Vacuuming of Carpets
Wiping of Surfaces/Counters Baseboard Dusting
And more…

Once you’re part of the MS Janitorial family, we know you’re going to recommend us to your friends and family so your satisfaction is absolutely at the top of our priority list.


We offer different cleaning frequencies:

• Weekly
• Biweekly
• Every three weeks
• Every four weeks
• Monthly
• One-time cleans.

Eco Friendly Service and Customized Cleaning Services

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