Commercial Steam Cleaning

Commercial Steam Cleaning

Steam Vapor Cleaning & Sanitizing with our DRY Vapor Steam Cleaners
The Ultimate Cleaning Systems for Chemical Free Cleaning

For the controlled environment where contamination, particulate removal, bacteria and virus reduction is critical. Steam Vapor (220°F+ surface contact, up to 94% dry) cleans and sanitizes any type of hard surfaces and flooring (including tacky floors), walls, ceilings, windows, equipment and much more.

Steam Vapor cleaners replace many chemicals, mops and cleaning accessories while reducing labor costs while doing a superior cleaning and disinfecting job. Proven lab test results show that the bio-burden is reduced dramatically while the surface you have cleaned with steam vapor is cleaner and sanitized to a higher level than if you used soaps or chemicals to clean those same areas.

  • Leaves surfaces dry almost instantly
  • Chemical free
  • Clean, sanitize, deodorizes and dries quickly
  • Unsurpassed contamination and bacteria control
  • Better cleaning results

Steam Vapor Cleaning is for all industries that require clean manufacturing technology, and bacterial / virus sanitizing including:

  • Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics
  • Electronics / printed circuits / sensors / relays / switches
  • Semiconductor / ICs / hybrids / flat panel displays
  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Agriculture / Food Processing / Food Storage
  • Restaurants / Hotels / Kitchen Facilities
  • Disk drives / CDs / DVD / other magnetic media manufacturing
  • Healthcare Industry / Dental Labs
  • Gyms, Spas and other public locations
  • Chemical Plants
  • Laser / Optics / Solar devices
  • Metal parts / components / precision tooling
  • Photography / Photo duplication / Printing
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Agricultural and Farming
  • Bottling Plants, Winery
  • and many other